isdn4bsd talk at European BSD Conference in Brighton 2001

This are the slides for the isdn4bsd presentation i gave at the European BSD Conference in Brighton 2001.

All images are © Copyright Hellmuth Michaelis 2001. All Rights reserved.

Reference Points
S0 Bus
D Channel Protocol
D Channel Protocol Encapsulation
Layer 1 Frame
Layer 2 Frame
Layer 3 Frame
isdn4bsd Components
isdn4bsd Kernel Components
Telepony Components
Raw IP over HDLC
SPPP Components
i4brunppp setup
Userland PPP(8) Components
isdnd - general configuration
isdnd - system configuration
isdnd - system configuration 1
isdnd - system configuration 2
isdnd - controller configuration
isdnd - entry configuration
isdnd - ISDN Addressing
isdnd - entry configuration 2
isdnd - entry configuration 3
isdnd - shorthold mode
isdnd - optimizing charging units
isdnd - entry configuration 4
kernel configuration
kernel configuration 2
kernel configuration 3
S0 bus analyzer
isdntrace: TEI negotiation
isdntrace: layer 3 SETUP

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